Sunday, March 11, 2012

I'd settle for a slow down...

It occurred to me the other day that I had this little blog and could not remember the last time  I actually wrote in it. Let's be honest, a year, a full 365 (or in 2012's case 366) days can truly change a lot. As I think back to 2011 and the first quarter of 2012, I went through am going through one of the biggest changes in my life.

In 2011, I began seeing a gastroenterologist due to chronic stomach issues. Now, mind you, I have never been the picture of health in my life. What with "under-developed" calves in college, a lactose issue in elementary school, multiple visits to an ENT throughout high school, college, and even after....however my stomach has always been a small, yet chronic, issue. It never lasted long enough for something to come of it. So 2 days before my 25th birthday when I couldn't watch the World Cup, stand up straight, or even eat....we knew something was really out of the ordinary. A visit to the doctor, CT scan, and 2 days in the fetal position and I was left with no answer as to my pain. With the help of probiotics and laxatives I found myself feeling better within a few days, though still confused. We began to think it was merely a bad reaction and overall, I was fine. However, when things started again in April of 2011, and stayed, we knew there was something more going on. So with multiple doctor's visits, various medications, a hydrogen breath test, multiple blood tests, an endoscopy, a colonoscopy, and 2 capsule endoscopies...I am officially a Crohn's kid.

Whew...that was like a bullet to say. While going through this entire process I refused, failed to believe it was true. I would not look up Crohn's, Colitis, and Celiac Sprue for fear of "putting it out into the universe." However, here I am...going crazy about what I can eat and what I can't. Taking eight, yes 8, multivitamin size pills each day. All while merely trying to understand what is going on with my body.

Thankfully, I have friends, family members, and a boyfriend who all not only are willing to change their diets for me, but also understand how I feel and work to listen to my rants of frustration. With that said, I am in the midst of book one, The First Year: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed, with the hopes of getting answers and fully understanding this change that is happening and taking over my life.

In closing, like I was told by one doctor: "You aren't dying, you just aren't healthy. Now you need to learn how to make yourself feel as good as possible."

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right. ~Oprah Winfrey

As 2010 draws to a close, and quite frankly I am taking a break from putting decorations away and cleaning up, I figured it would be fun to reflect on the year. It has been quite an adventure! Some fun things that happened:
-Trey got promoted to Store Manager
-I have an amazing class this year and am one class away from being Gifted certified
-Ruckus turned 1!
-Rwwar turned 1!
-Brett got a cat named "Kit Tey!"
-Brian is in his final year of middle school
-2 of Trey's cousins got engaged (and one got married!)
-Several friends got engaged and even more seemed to have babies (or are in the midst of it!)
-Trey and I spent our 3rd Christmas together

It truly amazes me how much can happen in a mere 365 days! As for my "resolution" last year about taking Ruckus for more all resolutions it started off with the best of intentions, and fizzled off. I'll try it again in 2011! As for 2010, take a look at some of best pictures!

Falcons versus Saints 2010-Just like last year, the Falcons lost.
This guy's AMAZING Al Pacino jacket!
We've had good seats to this game for 2 years in a row! Go Falcons!
Trey was SUPER pumped about seeing the Monday Night Football crew!
Ruckus was hanging in the kitchen during Christmas hoping for some ham to drop!
Brian's Nerf dart set! They had too much fun!
Apparently Brian has been watching too many action movies!
Ruckus and Banjo love their play dates!
Since Ruckus has destroyed so many beds, we've started getting her smaller ones because they are cheaper! 
Clearly they love each other!
Finally got Trey to buy a Snuggie!!!
Ruckus got love from everyone on Christmas!
This is Kit Tey. She has become our holiday visitor as Bretty makes his family rounds!
She and Rwwar don't exactly love each other.
Our first real tree! We both agreed that more is better in the case of a Christmas tree!
We traded in the reindeer costume for a pink bandana. It lasted about 2 weeks before she tore it apart!
This is not the first time that this fat girl got a bag stuck on her face while trying to get crumbs out!
As time goes by, they love each other more and more I promise!
As do these two!
Rwwar discovered that backets, bags, and boxes are the more fun for a little cat!
Ruckus came to tolerate our crazy antics.
This used to be one of Ruckus's beds.
Perhaps one of my all-time favorite pictures!
Despite the cone, Ruckus still manages to be goofy!
So as the year comes to a close, I found Oprah's quote to be a bit inspiring. A new year and a new chance to get things perfect!
Until next year, Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tis the Season

As the Christmas holiday approaches, I find myself with a little bit of time on my hands and the realization that much has happened since I last wrote. This Christmas is our third one together and 2nd in our own house. Each year we do things a little bit differently and I love that traditions are being built in our tiny family. Growing up, Trey and I each had real trees full of color and chaos. We decided that we loved this and wanted to continue this tradition on our own, so we finally go our very first REAL tree! Take a peek...

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree
Like I said earlier, we have had some changes to our families. Trey's brother, Brett, got a new kitten affectionately named Kit Tey. Heather, Trey's cousin, got engaged and married. Jessica, Trey's cousin, got engaged. And Travis and his girlfriend had a baby. I love that I have grown so close to his family and have been able to share in all of these special occasions with them. Trey's family is quite large and mine is quite small and very spread out so we don't get to see them much. When we get together with Trey's family it's like having my home away from home. I have grown very invested in their lives and they have become an integral part in our lives as well.
This is Kit Tey. She does not like Ruckus or Rwwar but comes to visit us often!
While Kit Tey does not get along with Ruckus or Rwwar, she does tolerate them, and they have both learned to leave her alone. She is much more friendly to new people than Rwwar is, which is nice, but she our pets. But note how she and Rwwar are very similar. Silly cats!
Kit Tey sitting on top of the king mattress.
Rwwar on top of the same king mattress.
It is really fun to watch them not only get up...but also get down from this!
As for Ruckus, she is the same as ever...
Plastic bag from Triscuits
Trying to get the bag off her head. She got it on their all by herself.
As for this holiday break, most of my time has been spent snuggling on the couch with my favorite puppy dog and fella.
She doesn't realize how big she is.
Until next time, Happy Holidays!

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Crunch and Rustle of Leaves

Too many times I have sat on this very same couch, sitting by the very same man, with the very same computer in my lap...and nothing to come. But alas, my dear readers, it is time!
Fall is on the brink of existence! I cannot begin to explain how much I, along with my favorite puppy Ruckus, LOVE the fall season. I failed to understand my father's love of this season as a child as it indicated the beginning of school and end of summer, the closing of the pool, and even cold weather. And now...I live for this beautiful season and the perfection that will arrive in the upcoming months.
My love of fall was a mere sidebar. Let me begin with some pictures to explain how ours lives have been over the last few months!

The summer ended with a visit from one of my most memorable teachers, Ms. Susan Baccoli. To say this woman made an impact on my life would be nothing short of a true statement. She is the only teacher that Trey recognizes by name. It was exactly what I expected out of a night out with her once again!
Several times over the past few months, Trey and I have made a trip up to the farm to take care of things. However, this time, we finally introduced Ruckus to farm life. To say she was made for that life is an understatement. I have never seen her more full of energy, life, and pure love for Trey and I. She loved exploring, playing in the river, running with the other dogs, and, of course, always came back to make sure that Trey and I were close by. These few trips really strengthened our bond with her and it's amazing to see the things she has learned  since then.
BIG NEWS! Trey and I got a new mattress! Now, in my life, I have never gotten a new mattress! I have always gotten one from someone (much cheaper right?) So this was REALLY exciting! I have been having quite some difficulty sleeping lately and it had been discussed as a possible "Christmas present to each other" option (which made me feel SO old.) Luckily, we found a place down the road that was going out of business!!! We were able to get an amazingly comfortable king size mattress with a pillow top for an incredibly reasonable price! We were both ecstatic to get it home and lay on it! Since's been a dream come true! And while we decide what to do with our old mattress...Rwwar has LOVED using it to "get out of danger!"

Along with climbing on the mattress on a regular basis, Rwwar has shown off her tightrope walking skills...on the side of the plastic containers! Never fails to amaze me where we may find her!
Ruckus, too, is up to her usual tricks! She has destroyed more than 1 bed in her kennel and countless toys. Here was the latest piece of carnege. Trey brought this fun pumpkin home with him one evening, and within 3 hours she had the stem and leaves pulled off and all of the stuff you see here all around the room. Fantastic!
Finally, a fun closing note! To those of you who have gone on a long ride with me recently, I LOVE to see cows! It usually goes something like this "Trey, wanna play 'Hey Cow!' It's where you roll down the window and yell 'Hey Cow!' and see how many cows move. Whoever gets the most wins!" His reply: "You're dumb Sarah!"

Until next time, I hope you enjoy crunching leaves beneath your feet as much as I do!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sweet Summertime-Revisted

Ok, so at the beginning of summer, I had a plan...and since I went back yesterday to begin setting up my classroom I figured (with less than a week left) that I needed to re-check my list and see what could still possibly be accomplished! So...let's have a look at my "Beginning of the Summer" list...

-Read 3 books a month (End of summer total=6 AT LEAST!)
I was able to accomplish MUCH more than this....partly due to my amazing birthday present, the Amazon Kindle, which I was pretty much obsessed with for a solid 2 weeks!

-Create a workout routine-not simply 'whatever I feel like whenever I feel it'
This was certainly not created...but I added several things to my routine, much to Ruckus's delight!

-Learn to cook more things from scratch (Food Network, counting on your website!)
Unfortunately, this didn't happen either! I was a terrible meal planner....unless it involved going somewhere to meet friends!

-Have more wine tastings
At the beginning of summer, I intended for this to mean "at my house with guests," however, we found these AMAZING classes at the Total Wine in Sandy Springs! So far we've visited "Tuscany" and "France!" Can't wait to see what the fall brings!

-Go on a weekday getaway
Unfortunately, due to some major bills (hospital visits, a new mattress, etc.), this was unable to happen...

-Take 1 day a week for just me
Most definitely! Some weeks...I took more than 1. It was so nice to just do what I wanted, when I wanted, and have that time to myself.

-Teach Ruckus to "shake" and the word "stick"
This one took new shape! Instead we're working on "stay" and "drop." Turns out Ruckus doesn't like her paws touched. Who knew!?

-Spend at least half the day outdoors doing something...unless it's raining
Stupid me....Welcome to Georgia Sarah! Where it's in the 90's before 10am! So I didn't spend half the day, but I did make sure to spend some time outside...usually before the sun came up all the way or after it was gone for the day.

-Put up the curtains in the guest bedroom's one I still need to do!

-Find a shower curtain for the bathroom
YES! Finally...after an incredibly frustrating 12 months of searching for something to match our bathroom, I found it at Bed, Bath and Beyond (and didn't spend a million dollars!) Trey fails to understand the need for decoration...but he humors me! And.....he LOVES it!

-Spend more time doing fun FREE things around Atlanta and Alpharetta
Well "free" was not easy to find. However, due to friends who like to cookout...and Living Social Deals...we were able to do many things that were "cheaper!"

-Meet up with friends close by for coffee!
Hmm...shoulda changed "coffee" to lunch/dinner! That's basically how I spent my free afternoons and evenings in July!

-Teach Rwwar to clean her own litter box
As much as I'd like for this to happen....purely wishful thinking!

-Grow some YUMMY tomatoes!
So turns out the summer heat and tomatoes didn't like each other very much...and ours were quite small. HOWEVER, we did grow some amazing basil and aloe! So...can't totally complain.

I loathe this time of year because I am just "not ready." I am not ready for the routine, the early mornings, or the drama! But, I'm gonna put a smile on my face because I do love...NEW SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!!

Until next time, stay cool!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Beginning of the birthday month...

So here I am...roughly halfway through the summer...with very little accomplished. And yet, what a wonderful feeling that is! However, I do plan to get some things done over the next several weeks as I enjoy the remainder of my summer and know that my time will fly by quite quickly...
Not too much to tell, so here are the few pictures I've collected! Still working on my "Summer Plan," turns out...I've got some things to do and little time to do them!

Until next time, I hope you are staying cool!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

If I were a boy...

So Trey and I are coming up on our first year living together this summer and well....let's just say, it's been a learning experience. It turns out that living with a male is TOTALLY different than living with a female...throw pets into the mix and well...occasionally I know what a "stay-at-home" moms job is like...only without the actual kids! So to those of you considering living with the opposite sex anytime's a few things I have learned (and I am sure that Trey could say many of these things about me as well!)

1) Boys need to be "trained." No, I don't mean this in such a negative way, I really don't. But they don't see dishes in the sink and think "I should put those in the dishwasher." Or "clothes haven't been washed in a week...maybe I'll sepeate clothes and wash a load." They have to be asked....or have it suggested. Otherwise, the result is pure and utter frustration! I put this one first because it's the one I have had the most trouble coming to understand!
2) Lounging around takes on a whole new amazing meaning. Sure, chilling on the couch with girlfriends is fantastic, but "at home date nights" are the best!
3) Compromise....compromise...compromise. It just cannot be said enough. 
4) Sometimes walking away/going into the other room for the night/doing something on your own is the best medicine for irritation. Everything does not have to be talked out. (Hmmm...I should underline that one!)
5) Spelling out expectations up front saves a ton of trouble later on. Letting things slide for a while because you are in the "honeymoon" phase only leads to arguments later on.
6) It will only work if you become a "team." Being on the same path, same page, same plan and communicating those things are invaluable.
7) You don't have to go everywhere together. A shopping trip does not always need 2 people. Feel free to say "I am just not up to it tonight."
8) And finally, laughing. Enjoy each other. Don't fret over the way things look, or things you want to happen that don't. Learning to laugh at dumb, gross, and weird things makes the experience so much more enjoyable. Loving the quirkiness and manly differences help ease the constant wonders and worries.

I know that I have much MUCH more to figure out and I certainly don't have it down, but one of the best things I have learned in this year is how to enjoy the lazy, small, "in between" moments that make me able to with a boy!

Until next time, happy last day of school eve!!!